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Peter DeWitt

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D) is a former K-5 teacher (11 years) and principal (8 years). He is a workshop facilitator and leadership coach who runs competency-based workshops and provides keynotes nationally and internationally focusing on school leadership (collaborative cultures and instructional leadership), as well as, fostering inclusive school climates.

His work has been adopted at the state level, university level, and he works with numerous school districts, school boards, regional networks, ministries of education around North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the U.K.

Peter is the author, co-author or contributor of numerous books. Visit for more about his work.

Instructional Leadership

Creating Practice Out of Theory Recorded Webinar

Instructional leadership is one of the most researched forms of leadership, but very little practical insight into how to implement it exists, and many leaders struggle to put it into practice.

Furthermore, instructional leadership is often seen as something building leaders need to engage in. Although that is highly important, instructional leadership is also something PLC leads, instructional coaches, teacher leaders, TOSA's and department chairs must engage in as well.

In this interactive recorded webinar DeWitt, Ed.D. will take the research behind instructional leadership, as well as the research he has done with thousands of leaders, teachers and students, and dive deeper into six areas that he found is crucial to practices that lead to instructional leadership. This webinar is for anyone in a position where instructional leadership is a goal.

That deeper dive involves breaking instructional leadership into six distinct components, which are (1.) implementation, (2.) focus 4 learning, (3.) instructional strategies, (4.) student engagement, (5.) efficacy, and (6.) evaluation of impact.

Leaders need to understand these six areas of instructional leadership, but also need to be provided with time to consider practical ways to implement each one, which is offered in this webinar through several discussion breaks and activities.

Use this webinar with instructional coaches, teacher leaders, building and district leaders.