Course curriculum

  • 2

    Research of CLE & Roles of to Help Develop It

    • Introduction to the Module

    • Collective Efficacy Research

    • Protocol & Practice - SWOT Analysis

    • Roles for the Team

    • 3 Drivers, 2 Roles and 1 Goal

  • 3

    The First 4 Drivers

  • 4

    The Last 4 Drivers

    • Driver 5 - Professional Learning and Development

    • Driver 6 - Organizational Commitment

    • Driver 7 - The Skills to Work in Collectives

    • Driver 8 - Confidence to Work in Collectives

    • Protocol & Practice - What Assumptions Do You Have About Your Team

    • What Drivers Will Your Team Commit To?

  • 5

    The Cycle of Inquiry Process

    • The Practical, Robust Implementation and Sustainability Model (PRISM)

    • What is Your Adaptive Challenge?

    • 4 Questions to guide your team

    • Develop

    • Explore

    • Inquire

    • Plan/Implement

    • Additional Reading on Implementation

    • Reflect

    • Protocol & Practice - SWOT

Collective Leader Efficacy: Strengthening Instructional Leadership Teams

This hybrid course is designed for individual leaders who want to develop collective leader efficacy among their teams, or for an entire instructional leadership team that would like to engage in the process together. It is open to all educators, regardless of their country of residence.

What makes this course different from DeWitt's other asynchronous courses is that he will engage in live 90 minute Zooms once a week with all participants. The Zooms will be part workshop and part open Q & A using Mentimeter as the platform within the Zoom meeting. The dates for the live Zooms will be 7/11/22, 7/19/22, 7/28/22 and 08/03/22. All Zooms will be at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

Additionally, this course includes downloadable short video introductions for each module, and chapter readings from Collective Leader Efficacy: Strengthening Instructional Leadership Teams (DeWitt. 2021. Corwin Press/Learning Forward). There are individual downloadable videos for each lesson focusing on the research, roles on the team, 8-drivers to develop a successful team, how to focus on an adaptive challenge within your school community, and engaging in a cycle of inquiry process to overcome that adaptive challenge.

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Participants will have 60 days of access for this course. Collective Leader Efficacy: Strengthening Instructional Leadership Teams (DeWitt. Corwin Press/Learning Forward. 2021) should be purchased prior to the beginning of the course.