Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 4

    What is Coaching?

  • 5

    Module 1 - Develop

    • Developing a Goal

  • 6

    Module 2 - Explore

    • Success Criteria & Video Intro for Explore

    • Explore - Instructional Leadership

    • A webinar about Instructional Leadership

    • Implementation Vs. De-Implementation (Narrative)

    • Webinar - De-implementation

    • Explore - A Focus on Learning

    • Webinar - A Focus On Learning

    • Explore - Student Engagement

    • Webinar - Student Engagement

    • Explore - Instructional Strategies

    • Webinar - Instructional Strategies

    • Explore - Feedback

    • Explore - Collective Teacher Efficacy

    • Collective Teacher Efficacy - A Webinar!

    • Explore - Collective Leader Efficacy

    • Collective Leader Efficacy - A Webinar!

    • Please complete this exit survey.

  • 7

    Module 3 - Inquire

    • Success Criteria & Video Introduction - How Do We Inquire?

    • Inquire - a Narrative

    • A deep dive into the inquiry process for those we coach.

    • Inquiry Webinar - Defining a Theory of Action

    • Module 3 through this exit survey

  • 8

    Module 4 - Plan

    • Success Criteria & Video Intro - Plan

    • Program Logic Model for Planning

    • Webinar - Taking a Theory of Action Through a Program Logic Model

    • Extra Resource - The Flipped Meeting

    • Exit Survey for Module 4 - Give me some feedback!

  • 9

    Module 5 - Implementation

    • Success Criteria & Video Introduction for Implementation

    • Sample Cycles of Implementation

    • Implementation - A Narrative from Instructional Leadership: Creating Practice Out of Theory

    • Webinar on the Implementation Cycle

    • Exit Survey

  • 10

    Module 6 - Reflect

    • Success Criteria, Content & Video on Reflection

  • 11

    Zoom Recordings 2021 - 2022

    • Mastery Session - 09/16/21

    • Mastery Session - 09/30/21

    • Mastery Session - 10/07/21

    • Mastery Session - 10/20/21

    • Mastery Session - 11/09/21

    • Mastery Session - 12/07/21

    • Mastery Session - 01/10/22

    • Mastery Session - 02/03/22

    • Mastery Session - 02/22/22

    • Mastery Session - 03/24/22

    • Mastery Session - 04/25/22

    • Mastery Session - 05/18/22


Peter DeWitt

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D) is a former K-5 teacher (11 years) and principal (8 years). He is a workshop facilitator and leadership coach who runs competency-based workshops and provides keynotes nationally and internationally focusing on school leadership (collaborative cultures and instructional leadership), as well as, fostering inclusive school climates.

His work has been adopted at the state level, university level, and he works with numerous school districts, school boards, regional networks, ministries of education around North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the U.K.

Peter is the author, co-author or contributor of numerous books. Visit for more about his work.

The Coaching Course: A Framework for Deeper Impact

Fee provides full access for 1 year

If you are a coach who has a strong conviction to help others deepen their practices, while you deepen your own as well, this on-demand course is for you.

The Coaching Course: A Framework for Deeper Impact is designed for coaches and learning specialists who want to engage in a coaching framework with anyone who want to deepen their practices. It is also designed for those leaders who want to coach others within their building.

This may be the most comprehensive on-demand framework you will find on the topic of coaching, because it is specifically focused on instructional coaching and leadership coaching. However, learning specialists, directors and regional superintendents are taking the course so they can improve their practices, at the same time they improve the practices of those they serve.

How it Works

Within the course, which participants complete at your own pace, there is content (i.e. modules with video tutorials, recorded webinars, research, step-by-step directions, cycle of inquiry, etc.) which is all downloadable.

The course focuses on helping instructional coaches and leadership coaches deepen their impact on those they coach. Whether coaches are interested in engaging in collaborative leadership, helping fostering collective efficacy, of proving strategies around instructional leadership, this course consists of that content. At the same time coaches engage in strategies to help others become more impactful, coaches will also deepen their own impact.


The price for all of the framework, which is $2,000.00 USD per-coach, provides coaches with full access to all the content for one-year. Coaches, both leadership coaches and instructional coaches, may use the content with as many people as they wish over that year.

There are 6 highly impactful modules in the framework. Those modules are:

    Module 1 – Develop
    Module 2 – Explore
    Module 3 – Inquire
    Module 4 – Plan
    Module 5 – Implement
    Module 6 – Reflect/Evaluate

It is recommended that Instructional Leadership: Creating Practice Out of Theory (DeWitt. Corwin Press. 2020)be purchased by those engaging in the course prior to the beginning this course.

Please send us an Email if you have questions or comments.


Beyond Expectations!

Stacy Ruben-Storey

The Coaching course with Peter DeWitt has been more impactful than I could have imagined. Being able to work with and learn from leaders across the nation is priceless. Peter coaches in real time and I always leave sessions with practical evidence based leadership practices that are easy to implement.

Just in time coaching!

Beth Fisher

Anyone actively leading in education can more than relate to this loaded statement: the current demands on instructional leaders at times can feel unbearable. Peter DeWitt’s Thinkific course lightens the load of instructional leaders by providing “just in time”, on-demand professional learning modules that leaders can use to rebuild their reserves and complete collaboratively with the teams they lead. Peter goes alongside you in this researched-based course to help you navigate how to take rich and timely resources from research to practice while impacting student learning and the system in which leaders lead.

First Year Coach!

Ellen Tucker

This is my first year as an instructional coach. When I learned about The Coaching Course: A Framework for Deeper Understanding, I knew I had to sign up! The experience I gained through the course content, bi-monthly Zoom meetings with Dr. Peter DeWitt, and the Coaching Community have been so valuable for my role this year. Not only was I able to connect with other instructional coaches and leaders from around the world, but I gained an immense amount of knowledge on the Cycle of Inquiry as it relates to instructional coaching and my current position in my district.

Podcast - Master Session Excerpts

Click here to listen to a podcast that was created by Peter DeWitt. It includes a bit of narration from Peter, as well as, excerpts from the May 18th, 2022 Master Session.